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Welcome to Episode ONE! We meet our heroes and witness their humble beginnings as they start their adventure through the world of Humbreah! Minnis, Drell, and Armos set out on a world filled with lurking beasts to evil demons! Danger lurks around every corner...


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TONY: Welcome everybody to the first ever episode of DND404. I am your DM, Tony. And today we have three lovely heroes. Our first one up is Dan. Dan, say hi.

DAN: Hey, how's it going? We got Jared.

JARED: Hey, what's up?

TONY: And then we got Alec.

ALEC: Hello, everybody.

TONY: Hey. How's it going? All right. So, we are now going to begin our first ever campaign on our first episode ever. Welcome to the world of Humbreah. This is the world where the story takes place, but this world isn't so happy-go-lucky fairy tale land. Humbreah is a place that has been stricken with grief, death, decay, and sorrow. Almost 200 years ago before our heroes here begin their quest today, Humbreah has suffered a terrible event that left its permanent mark on the world. This tragedy is widely known as the red catastrophe. Legends say that 200 years ago, an evil God of unknown origin that went by the name of Christo, had appeared wielding never before seen unparalleled blood magic.
With this magic, he would open rifts of oozing blood and alcane powerful and horrifying demons. Within one year's time, Akristo and his army of blood demons would attack villages, cities, and towns across Humbreah. Starting in the heartlands, passing through the Kabuki isles and landing in South Trellis, slaughtering the masses and taking innocence back into the blood portals. They say Christo was looking for a child of God.
One day in South Trellis, a soldier from the kingdom of Amore named Horatio approached Christo and struck a deal with him. Horatio claimed that he was indeed a child of God. Horatio would willingly offer his life to him in exchange Christo would need to leave the world of Humbreah for good. Christo had accepted his offer, and him and his army of demons haven't been seen since leaving the world of Humbreah in bloody ruin.
Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening. And welcome to the world of Humbreah, featuring three first time adventurers and one very patient, DM. This is DND404.
Fast forward 200 years, we're going to go ahead and meet our heroes and introduce them. Starting off with Dan.

DAN: That's me. Oh my gosh. I'm Dan.

TONY: The story starts in the morning of South Trelles at the break of dawn. Sounds of the morning drums echo against the South Trelles mighty mountain range awakening birds, wildlife, and fellow sleeping tribesmen. The beating of the drum gradually picks up with momentum. The biggest and strongest miniature hunters are already at the gate to leave for the day's hunt. Soon after sounds of a working village and beneath the caves begin to get louder as farmers start tending to their crops. Guardsmen begin switching posts, and minotaur families begin to cook breakfast following a delightfully fruity scent leads us down a finely paved road, increasing on the top of a hill to a resting shifting’s house.
Through the window and into the kitchen following this delicious cooking scent, there is a friendly looking mother tour, cooking a nice hearty vegetable and all meal, what looks like a five-course meal. You got yams, hot potatoes, steamed carrots, glazed with honey oatmeal, chocolate chip cookies, and a jar of freshly churned peanut butter, homemade granola crisp, and a plate of cinnamon buns right in the middle, frosted with the best vanilla icing you have ever seen.With that aroma coming off the cinnabuns comes a short, wide, yet stoic minotaur. Dan, can you please describe a character for me, please?

DAN: I am menace, pebble Walker. I am a stoutly four foot tall. Don't ask anyone else, I'm assuredly, four foot tall. Not 3’10’’ as my father and mother might tell you. I am a black third minotaur with a red mohawk and red eyes. And as most people will be able to see clearly, I am quite mini in a taur stature.

TONY: All right, so menace. There you are. Menace is a minotaur. Pretty much we just took a minotaur and we just shrunk him down and gave him halfling stats just for player knowledge. All right, so Menace is now at the breakfast table, right? He sees this huge, all this food, this huge five-course meal, he's ready to eat because today's the big day. You go on your journey Menace. This is it. You're finally setting out to make your father proud and to make a rightful claim in your tribe.
So now you're in this beautiful home, the chairs are made of strong red oak wood to hold their massive minotaur weight. Well, in your case, you're small, so you don't have a lot of weights yet. But minotaurs are pretty hefty in size. Your mother comes over, you're like, “Good morning, sweetie.” She pinches your cheeks. “Are you excited for today? Today's the day you get to leave. Oh my God, my little boy's growing up. Oh my God. There's my little, here's my little menace. Menace, how are you feeling?”

DAN: Mother? Don't treat me like a tiny baby minotaur.

TONY: “Oh, sweetie, you always going to be my little minotaur. I'm going out on a big minotaur adventure and there's nothing you can do about it. Then maybe you don't want this bag of treats I prepared for your journey today.” She holds up like a nice big band of big bag of packaged cinnabuns and assorted fruits and things like that. She goes, “I guess I'm just going to have to throw this away if you don't want it.”

DAN: I'm going to be quite hungry on my Quest mother.

TONY: Oh, okay, honey. Okay, sweetie. So, I'll just set these down right here.

DAN: You can stick them in my backpack, that would be great.

TONY: I'll put them in your backpack for sure. I give you on your mighty cart, right? You got your mighty cart ready outside with your gear.

DAN: It's quite mighty. Yes, mother. It's the mightiest of carts in indeed.

TONY: I'm just your father and I are just so proud of you, Menace. You know that. We're just so proud of you. You're going on your own journey. You're making your own way in life.

DAN: Thank you. I appreciate that. It does mean a lot.

TONY: At that moment, you start hearing hefty footsteps coming down the hall, walking into the kitchen, which sounds like giant hooves echoing in your house. And like the glass stars you shake and things like that.
There's coming into the kitchen a giant minotaur. He's much larger than the average minotaur. Maybe he has like two extra feet on every minotaur in town. He is indeed the chieftain, very bull like. He sits down, he drags the chair from the table and just screeches across the floor, because he's very tired and just not ready to deal with your bullshit. He sits down the chair, puts himself in. He has a very tight face on, but his eyes are closed. He's not fully woken up yet. He reaches over his massive hand, reaches over, grabs a cinnamon bun, holds it in front of him for just a second, takes a whiff, takes a bite, has a nice sigh of relief, opens one eye just to see his mini son sitting in front of him with an eager smile, “Good morning, Menace.”

DAN: Good morning, father.

TONY: I assume you remembered today's journey.

DAN: I was about to ask you the same thing, father.

TONY: Oh, I can't wait for you to go out and make your own way. Far, far from the ivory boulder clad.

DAN: I do have rightful heir to the throne, so.

TONY: Of course, Menace, that's the whole point of this. You need to go out and make your own way in life.

DAN: Well, I'm going to make my way out all right, Dad.

TONY: Spread word of Menace Pebble Walker. Remember what we talked about, son, remember, you have to go take care of that hydra I was just telling you about. It's a very big deal, because of the Hydra…

DAN: … he crystal four headed hydra, no tail.

TONY: Of course.

DAN: Beyond the kabuki isles. I'll slay it. I'm going to slay it real

TONY: Menace, I’m so high. You're going to make me so proud when you finally kill that forehead, crystal Hydra.

DAN: I plopped down from my chair and with a, ooh, because he's so tall.

TONY: Wait, were you on in a highchair? Do you get a highchair for your seat?

DAN: Yeah, Menace is in a high chair. So I wiggle out of my high chair and I plop onto the ground, oh, and I scamper over and I put my hands up on the table and lift myself up on my tippy toes.

TONY: Don't hurt yourself, son. Don't hurt yourself.

DAN: Hey, guess what, dad?

TONY: He looks over, looks down.

DAN: Once I'm going to make you look so foolish. I'm going to make you look so foolish. I'm going to kill the, I'm going to kill the fudge out of this crystal forehead

TONY: Menace, he's like up, [inaudible 00:08:39] again. Menace.

DAN: Ah. What? Yes, yes.

TONY: I need to talk to you. I need to… Go sit in the chair.

DAN: I scam her back and I reach my hands up on the high chair and I pull as hard as I can to get up there. We're going to…

TONY: Menace,

DAN: Wait, wait, wait. Hold on, hold on. Wait, wait.

TONY: Boy.

DAN: I'm not quite in. Wait, give me a sec. Okay, go. Go.

TONY: He's just, the chair's like screeching on the ground almost tips over, just like some fruit falls on the floor. Oh, sweetie, you got to be careful. She picks up the apple that you just drop puts in front of you, pats you on.

DAN: I could've gotten it, mom. I could've gotten it.

TONY: I know you could menace. I know you could. It’s just, you just look so enthusiastic. I don't…

DAN: No, no. I, I appreciate it. Don't think I don't appreciate it, mom.

TONY: I understand. I understand, Menace.

DAN: I'm talking, I'm talking to father

TONY: Menace. Menace. Listen to me. Listen to me. I prepared you a letter. Okay? It's a description. It's not really a letter. It's more of a description of this, of this hydra you need to kill. But I more importantly, son, I need you to be careful what you set out today. I'm very proud that you're finally leaving the ivory boulders to, on your quest, of course, on your quest. But you need to be careful out there. The world is a very dangerous place. But I believe in you, son. I believe in you. Do you get me? You need to be careful out there. Things are very large out there. Things are average height out there. Do you understand what I'm trying to tell you, son?

DAN: I understand It's, it, it feels like you're complimenting me, but I still feel hurt.

TONY: No, listen, no, no, no judgment here, son. Listen. I'm your father. I believe in you. That's why I’ve sent you on this quest. You think I would send anybody? You think I would send merano on this quest? This quest is

DAN: Merano, like he could handle this. I was going to take him down before you stopped me, father.

TONY: So, at this moment, you have a flashback. It was during a screaming match with your childhood bully, a much larger, stronger looking minotaur who has about three feet on everyone in your clan. And you hear merano say to you, “The day you make chieftain is the day I bench less than 350.”

DAN: Why would he give you chieftain? He should promise it to me, his son.

TONY: I'm bigger, I'm larger, I'm bulkier. I am clearly the breadwinner of the clan. I bring home the hay bales. Okay, bro. I go out and I bring back the strongest hay bales, the biggest hay bales that anyone in this clan has ever seen.

DAN: You know what? How about this? Fight me for it.

TONY: You want to fight, bro.

DAN: Challenge me and if you win…

TONY: You want to fight me for it?

DAN: … I'll give it up.

TONY: At this moment, merano is like reaching his hand over, over to you and he's like holding your forehead in place as you're trying to run towards him.

DAN: Yeah, I'm like punching at him, like punching for him with my fist.

TONY: He almost got me, bro. Keep speaking, keep speaking. You're doing great.

DAN: I’m just getting started. Oh, have you?

TONY: Oh, you're so strong, bro.

DAN: Trying to kick him now.

TONY: So as you're swinging towards merano, merano is just kind of embarrassing you, keeping you at bay. Your father Titus steps in, he separates the two of you with ease. And he kind of just pushes you out of the way. You almost fall to the floor and you see that he's having like a little more struggle with merano, but he happens to push him away. And he goes, “Listen, here you two. What is all this fighting about?”

DAN: Don't separate us, Dad. This is a man's battle. I heard what you said. You promised him chieftain.

TONY: You see Titus is sweating a little bit. I did no such thing, Menace.

DAN: I heard you. Okay. I heard you at your meeting. I was about to come in because mom told me to bring over the cookies.

TONY: Oh, that woman's going to be to dead to me. Listen, you're not supposed to be at the meeting, son, regardless of what your amazing mother says.

DAN: You told me to bring the cookies at any time.

TONY: Not during the super important town clan meeting, son.

DAN: Well, I'm going to, I'm going to have his head okay? When I beat you, merano. Yeah, yeah. When I beat you, I'm going to take chieftain. Okay?

TONY: You have more luck to defeat the crystal hydra to become the chief.

TONY: And then Titus goes.

DAN: Wait, shit, Menace, I have a question for you. If you can slay the four headed crystal hydra of the kabuki idols, you will have proven yourself worthy.
But Titus, that's just a…
Miserable quest for most. Yes, but Menace, I believe my son is worthy of this quest.

DAN: That's right. That's right. I am worthy. You hear that merano, I'm worthy of this quest, not you. I'll go on this quest father. And when I come back, you'll crown me chieftain, right?

TONY: Yes, yes, of course I will. But it's a very long and treacherous quest.

DAN: I accept, I accept this quest.

TONY: You'll be gone for months, perhaps years.

DAN: Oh, okay. He's getting his stuff ready. He's like packing up these things already. Alright, where do I go? Which way, dad?

TONY: First thing in the morning, son.

DAN: Oh, yes. I should, I need to be well rested. It's a good idea, dad.

TONY: Yes. I will provide all the details in a well written letter for you.

DAN: And like it at that so raven moment, you're back in the conversation.

TONY: No, no, I would never do that. I would never give merano the giant strong potential warrior, the clan. Why would you think that, son?

DAN: I mean, it could have been the, the fact that you openly said you would at the last plan meeting.

TONY: I never, I never said that.

DAN: That's kind of why I confronted him and challenged him for these meeting.

TONY: No, I saw it. I told you, when these town meetings have that as chieftain, I need to keep everybody calm. But that's why I'm sending you on this quest. You know the plan initiation has been…

DAN: I understand that. I'm just…

TONY: … for years. This doesn't happen for a long time. As long as I'm around, nobody's taking my spot. I promise you.

DAN: I'm saying that's the reason why I would think that because you said it...
TONY: Oh, son… You said it,
B… in front of everybody.

TONY: He gets up and he walks over to you and he's just like, his head is almost hitting the ceiling. He puts his hand on your head. He's like, son, listen to me after breakfast today, you're finally, you're going to be leaving on your journey today. But I want you to be careful. He turns around, goes to the counter, he hands you a box. I know you like to play with that sling. The sling could be helpful, but I feel like you might need something a with a little more edge to it. He gives you two hand axes. So he may like custom hand axes for you to use, which is the hand axes you have in your inventory. And in that he also, there's like a letter. It's pretty much describing the hydra. It's poorly written out. So every time you look at it, you feel like there's new details that he didn't mention before on them. He's like, you take this and you make sure you find this exact hydra beyond the kabuki isles.

DAN: Dad, I'm looking at this sheet here. I don't remember you saying that it had four spikes on each head.

TONY: Those four spikes were very important, Menace. Those spikes are very important.

DAN: But I don't remember seeing that. Last time, it was a lot less detailed.

TONY: Calm down son. Son, he claps his hand and things like glasses move. And the mother's like, “Oh, Titus. Relax honey, relax, relax.” Menace, finish your breakfast and gather your things. And he gives you a hug.

DAN: I like, as he hugs me, I just sit there scowling.

TONY: It's like the first time he's given you a hug in a long time. He's like, just send an owl. Send an owl every now and then, I need to go to this morning's town meeting, but I'm with you son, I truly am.

DAN: And you're not giving merano the crown, the seat.

TONY: No, that's not for a long time.

DAN: I just want to be clear.

TONY: It's not a long time. He claps his hands and things start moving again. It's like he's doing like a minor thunder clap to shut you up. Your mother walks over, merano walks back over, and she goes, “Your father cares about you, he just has so much on his mind, sweetie. He had so much on his mind. But I packed your bag this morning. Everything's there. You got these beautiful, these beautiful handcrafted axes that he made you. Look at that, It has the ivory bowl sigil on them. Honey, they're so sweet. Come on.”

DAN: Thanks mama.

TONY: Honey, send an out once in a while. Okay? Can you do that for me? Can you do that for your mother? Kisses you on the cheek. Can you do that for your mother?

DAN: Yes, of course.

TONY: All I want to do is look at those horns. Look at those sleek bag horns. Oh my God. That's my little, that's my little, okay. I won't get to stop. You're a man now. You're a man. You're a man.

DAN: That's right.

TONY: So from here, you gather things. You eat a nice hearty breakfast. You take the extra cinnabuns, you can add that to your inventory if you want. When you go to eat them, I'll tell you how much they heal you for if they have any benefits to them.

DAN: Great.

TONY: So just kind of keep that on hand for now.

DAN: I lift my hands up as I stare angrily at my father for my mother to lift me off the highchair.

TONY: Oh, sweetie. Yeah, sometimes she just got, she undoes the buckle for you. And everything she takes up and she goes like, “This is my big boy. You're so handsome.”

DAN: Thank you. As she's put me down, I'm just like, “I'm going to show you father.”

TONY: Menace, I am just, I'm just so proud of you.

DAN: Thanks mother. I'm going to show you dad,

TONY: So fast forwarding a little bit you gather your things you got your little hand card that you're ready to go on this quest, and your mother walks you to the gate ready to leave your town. This minotaur town is pretty, pretty high end as far as minotaur towns go. It looks like there's an actual civilization here. You're not just like a savage clan. So, as you walk towards the gate, your mother looks at you, she goes, “All right, honey, remember you just want to head west from here. If you keep heading west, you're going to see a town of Gilo. Gilo is a great town. You're going to start off, you're going to see a lot of people. It's going to introduce you to city life. You're going to see a lot of different types of people. Don't be scared, honey, okay? Promise me you won't be scared. But I think you're going to meet some great people there, and you might even make a friend or two, honey. Try to make some friends, okay? But you just want to keep heading west to get to the Kabuki Isles, and this will be a good time to learn about map awareness that I knew you're so good at.”

DAN: Ah, yes, of course. My maps. Mother, do you think I will find a friend or two?

TONY: Honey, you have so many friends now, I don't have a doubt in my mind.

DAN: Deep, you know I love the clan, but don't sugarcoat it, mom. I know no one likes me here.

TONY: Like softly, she looks at you, she kneels down, looks you in the eyes like, “You're going to do great out there. You're going to make everybody proud. There’s a reason why the chieftain’s only sun is going on this quest. Every great chieftain has proved themselves to the clan, and it is your time to do it too.”

DAN: You right.

TONY: She gives you a kiss on the forehead, slicks your hair back. It's like, it's so messy. You just like puts her thumb in her mouth, he'll licks it and you get some saliva and…

DAN: Mother, stop it.

TONY: Oh, you look so cute.

DAN: Oh, stop it. I already groomed today. Oh, I licked my penis like five times already. Calm down.

TONY: That's nice. It's nice for you and your penis. Well, try not to do that among people. Try not to do that in front of people. Okay?

DAN: Do common folk not like that? Is that not common in common folk territory?

TONY: With consent, sweetie. With consent.

DAN: Interesting, noted. I scribbled down in a little notepad. Do not lick genitals.

TONY: All right, so Menace Pebble Walker is now leaving town, it’s very early in the day. He starts heading for a town named Gilo. We now bring the story over to Jared. In a dark room, we see sixth robed t-flings standing in a very gloomy, low-lit room. Standing in a circle in the center of this circle is a glowing room. This room is glowing from the floor up, and that's pretty much the only thing that's giving any type of light to this room. The glow is from the red circle fade in and out as the t-flings all start to chant. Not much can really be seen from the beyond this dark room. But you assume that you are in a basement void of light. There are sounds coming from this painted room as it glows in and out. Our hero almost lowers his hood and raises his hands above the room. Jared, please describe your character for us.

JARED: I was in real life raising my hand. Okay, so t-fling, I have red skin slicked back black hair. My horns are black, but a little white due to my age. I'm a little, little up there. Definitely 30s, and I'm draped in ribs.

TONY: So, you are a warlock, okay? And you're just, you're fitting the part and you're, right now you're doing this warlock, what seems to be a warlock ritual. And you got your hair slicked back. And you look very dappled.

JARED: You don't know if I'm going to go to the club or I'm doing a seance.

TONY: You don't know if you're doing a seance or going to the club, but what I do know is that everything's going to shape a large red puff comes from the room as you get the sense of something terribly wrong just happened. You start hearing screams from all these fellow t-flings from mixed exes. You got male screams, you got female screams. People are like, ah, I like it. And you just, your vision's going red is red smoke everywhere. Everything has gone terribly wrong. You start to hear chance louder as if the warlocks around you are trying to fix a spell. Call out from next to you, “Armo, what are you doing? Stop doing that,” and it immediately gets cut off as a sudden burst of scream, as a sudden scream bursts into the room. And a red flash blinds your sight for just a second.
And when that, when your vision comes to that guy who just called out to you, his arm is now completely removed, and there's blood screwing all over the floor directly in front of you. As you see blood starts to fill and starts touching the room below you, a thin line as if something was tearing through the dimension itself, a portal that opens up wide and then the red, it is the giant red portal and is literally oozing blood out of the sides. It looks like somebody just put a giant gash in the middle of the air.
You look to your left and you see another warlock and his legs are gone. It's just like his torso up and he's on the floor. Across from you, there's another decapitated t-flinks bleeding out everywhere. Your feet are now fully soaked. You don't even see the floor anymore with how much blood is oozing out of this portal. In front of you, you hear these terrible demonic screams and you see bursting from the portal is a huge claw, like this giant demon esque who’s just, all muscle tissue doesn't have any skin. It's all this muscle tissue, long nails. It has like seven phalanges and it just reaches out, barely, just misses the tip of your nose.
Woo. Another red flash happens in front of you. And now you see this giant maw with several rows of teeth trying to get out. This demon is trying to pull itself out of the riff. From the left of you. You hear a woman's voice, “Armo, close the portal. The spell is,” another red flash happens. Everything goes dark. You open your eyes and you are completely prone, laying on the floor, completely soaked in blood. You lift your head a little bit and all you can see is just these, you can't even see, say full corpses because they're so horribly dismembered that you couldn't even recognize them if you tried. And it's just all this blood on the floor. You barely, you don't even see the sigil that you made when you started the incantation.
You look up and there's this red light coming from the center of the room where the circle was. You see this all black bunny. It's about, I would say about the size of like a Rex rabbit, just to give you some dimensions. But they're rabbits. They're about maybe like two feet long and like two feet high. And his ears are crooked and distorted. They're, one's pointing up and the other one's like leaning off to the left and it's like bent. The ears are very jagged. And he turns around and he looks at you and he has blood red eyes. Right behind him is what, the portal is, that you opened, is sitting in front of it, but nothing is trying to burst out. It just looks like a red circle of dripping blood.

JARED: Hey, I didn't do anything. This wasn't me. I was just trying to warm up some food. Sorry to disturb you. Oh shit.

TONY: Armo, this bunny speaks out a very deep, deep voice.

JARED: What's…

TONY: Armo?

JARED: Yeah. Oh, okay. You know my name. Oh, great.

TONY: Aren't you not the one that drew this sidelong to the floor. And he points to a very bloody ruin that was painted onto the floor.

JARED: I mean, I did. This isn't exactly what I had in mind. I was trying to do something else, but yeah, yeah, yeah. Yep, that's me. That's my name. What's up?

TONY: You not know what you have done here today. The havoc you have brought onto this world by summoning. And he's like, his ears start twitching and freaking out, and then he just suddenly stops. He starts scratching the back of his ears. Like, “Oh, fuck it. Oh, that's fucking good. Oh, fuck yeah.” He's just scratching with like his big foot. He is like, “You have not known what you've done here today. Summoning a great powerful demon. You, you needed to do a little more research.” And then he just instantly stops. He goes, “You got any pellets?” He starts to...

JARED: Uh, I got this dude's fingers that you cut off just a second ago. The top of his hands.

TONY: He’s hopping towards you, so you easily to cast your friends aside to satiate my power. Give me one reason why should eat you right now. Oh. Oh, we're bonded.

JARED: What? Wait, wait.

TONY: Did you, you summoned?

JARED: Did you, did you touch me in a weird way? What, what, what happened? What did I do? Why are we bonded?

TONY: Why, why, why, why…

JARED: Is this, is this a weird thing? Are we tangled up for some reason?

TONY: I don’t want to hurt you. For some reason, why would I want hurt you? I'm literally a mighty being from another world.

JARED: Do I need to turn this way. Do I need to turn this way? How do I undo this?

TONY: He looks around. He's like trying to find some light. He goes over to like a torch and he's like, “Why, why is that torch so high up? Why is that torch so high up?” He looks down. He's like, “Why are these fuzzy feet?” He thumps. Wait, that was my fuzzy foot. He goes over to like, he tries to find some sort of light, and he looks into a reflection, into a puddle of blood and looks at his reflection, he's like, “What am I?” He's just realized that he's a bunny, but this demon has never seen a bunny before. To your knowledge now, you know that you just summoned a pact with what you think is an animal.

JARED: So, what happened was, is I put all this down and I was excited. I didn't know it was going to end this way.

TONY: Right there you realized that you don't remember what spell you were trying to cast. You don't even recognize the people that are on the floor or why you're even down here. It just seems to escape from you as if you had amnesia.

JARED: Yeah. I don't…

TONY: Armo is your name, right?

JARED: Yeah.

TONY: Why do I have a strong, compelling feeling that my name is Reginald. He looks around. He's like, where he is? Like my name, my… He's like having like a moment, because he feels like his name is Reginald. He's like my name is Reginald. Like, some force is forcing him to say that his name is Reginald when he knows it's not Reginald. Did you name me Reginald, Armo. He hops over to you.

JARED: I didn't do any of this. First off…

TONY: You're just leaning up in this pile of blood. You didn't fully stand up yet. He's like sitting on your chest. “What did you do to me? Who are you?”

JARED: Look, you're, you're adorable, but your voice is a little off. But you know what? Hey look, we can figure this out.

TONY: I'm sorry. How are mighty great demons supposed to sound Armos? You look like a warlock. What are you?

JARED: You don't look like this? I mean, I could like…

TONY: What am I?

JARED: … harm you and put you in a basket?

TONY: Don't you?

JARED: You want to ride in my backpack?

TONY: I don't want to ride your backpack. That actually sounds pretty fun for some reason. I don't know why I find that fun, but that sounds pretty exhilarating.

JARED: I could throw you up and catch you.

TONY: Don't do that. Do not throw me up right now.

JARED: Okay. Okay.

TONY: Maybe later. I don't know why. He starts again. “Why do I, why am I doing that with my foot?”

JARED: I think it's a habit. I don't know what kind of animal you are at this point, but…

TONY: I need to get back home.

JARED: Where? Where's home? Do you know anything?

TONY: When you ask that question, he instantly goes like, the bunny's face instantly drops and he just looks at you. He doesn't answer.

JARED: Interesting. So, I don't know what all this was, but I'm still here. Do you need something from me or are we just…

TONY: Looks like you.

JARED: … are you just playing with something or?

TONY: He gets up and he looks around the room and he's like…

JARED: You don't really look very menacing me at this point.

TONY: I'm a terrible in power and great in stature. I have seven wings. Where are my wings? He looks behind me, there's no wing.

JARED: I don't see any wings.

TONY: My wings. Where are my wings? He's freaking out. He's like, are you joking me. Where are those wings? Years in the army, I had those.

JARED: I mean, you look like you need a lift. And by lift, I mean, you look like I want to carry you and maybe pet you.

TONY: Don’t carry me, and then like his bunny senses is kicking, right now. He doesn't. He's like, why am I… I don't want to be picked up by this mortal

JARED: Yeah, why don't you come up here and get a little snuggle? Get a little snuggle coming down.

TONY: Oh, oh.

JARED: I start to pet him gently at first. And then I start itching doing little itch.

TONY: Oh fuck, that feels good. Keep doing that. Don’t stop doing that. Oh, right there. Right there. Right fucking there. Right fucking there, you go. Oh, butt…

JARED: All right. Now that we're a little calmed down…

TONY: His butt starts twitching. Bunnies do butt twitches when they really like something. Okay. Okay.

JARED: Al; right, so, all right. I don't know what this was, but what could we do? What do you know?

TONY: Where are the components? Do you have any more components that you use? It looks like, oh, okay, I'm starting to remember this. I'm starting to recognize what's going on here.

JARED: I'm glad you're remembering, because I don't know nothing. I remember this guy, but I don't know this guy.

TONY: Oh, well this is, he instantly stops.

JARED: I think I owe this guy money, but at the same time, and I pick up his arm and I'm like, you know what? I don't know. And I throw it.

TONY: You got a room of dead t-lings here, it seems like.

JARED: Yeah, all I know is…

TONY: It's quite unfortunate Amos, I got to say.

JARED: I'm not cleaning this shit up. I'm not cleaning this up.

TONY: All right, look, listen, what's going to happen, Armos, here's what's going to happen. You, I do not belong in this body. Okay. Whatever this is. Why am I, Amos?

JARED: Well, I mean…

TONY: He's clever. He's clearly never seen a, a bunny or a rabbit in his life.

JARED: Do I know? Just so, just break it.

TONY: You, you can sense from him that he is from another realm and is most likely a demon.

JARED: Oh yeah, I know that. But do I know what rabbits are at this point?

TONY: You know what rabbits are? Yeah, rabbits are common animals.

JARED: So, you look kind of rabbitish.

TONY: Rabbit. He just looks at you. His ears are flopping a bit.

JARED: I mean, you got furry, they're usually very harmless. Eat grass. Normally not arms or legs or that guy's face. I don't know why. Why a face dude?

TONY: All right, Amos, Amos, I have an idea. You see that rift that's like open that you did?

JARED: Yeah, it's pretty obvious. Yeah, yeah. No, I got that.

TONY: Pick me up. Yeah, I'm a known talent. Pick me up. I want to be picked up. Bring me over to that rift.

JARED: I gently pick him up. But while giving him a little…

TONY: I’m like, hold my feet. How am I going to probably walk? Calm down. Why are you so tall?

JARED: To calm him, I'm petting him and give him a little scratches behind his ears. So he shuts the fuck up.

TONY: Oh, fuck it. Oh, my God, I don't like my feet dangling. I don't like my feet dangling. I don't like my feet dangling. His feet are like, kind of just like swinging. He's like, I don't like it. I don't like it. I don't like it. I don't like it. But yeah, keep scratching.

JARED: He's doing the little foot thumping thing.

TONY: So you go up to this portal and this is the portal that you assume you were trying to open, but looking around you, this was clearly not the result you were trying to get. But for the life of you, you don't know what you were trying to do here.

JARED: I give a good hard look and I'm like, I think I fucked up on this one. This one's up me, this one's on me.

TONY: You think so?

JARED: Yeah.

TONY: I don't understand why anybody would want to summon me. I got to be honest with you, Amos. This is pretty out of pocket for most people, I would assume. I come from a terrible place. Amos. I come from a terrible place.

JARED: Yeah. I must have hemmed when I whooed when I was doing the thing. Yeah, this one's me. This one's me.

TONY: You whoosh when you should've wad?

JARED: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. It's a common thing. I always, I always wad too soon. I don't know. I can't help it.

TONY: Okay. Okay. You're magical, I feel like. Dude, can you like make a pour? Can you do something with that? I feel like, wait, what's going over here? Hold on. Can you stroke my ears for me for a second? Hold on. I have heads right now.

JARED: I give him a little ear on the non-crooked one. The crooked one, I'm too scared to touch it.

TONY: No, they're both the jagged just in very different ways.

JARED: Oh, okay. Well, that there's one of them that's, that might be infected, bro. We need to, we may have to talk about that later.

TONY: So he's like looking at this point, like, okay, Amos, I don't like you.

JARED: Yeah. You know what? I'm not going to lie. I don't know what happened here, but I think I like these people.

TONY: I don't know why you would try to summon a greater demon for one of the Lord commanders from the army of death, darkness and blood, and put me in this adorable body that I seem to like as time goes on. I'm not going to lie. Just you scratching my ears is kind of the shit right now.

JARED: Yeah,

TONY: But, well, I need to get back to my home. It's a good rift. But I can't feel the connection to my home. I just recognize it, because I've been through these things before.

JARED: Yeah. Yeah. Maybe, maybe you're too small now. Maybe you need to be bigger.

TONY: Maybe I just need to show my mighty power. He stands up on his hind legs and he's like trying to go super sane for a second. He goes, “Where's my mighty power?”

JARED: Yeah. I don't think you're fooling anyone, but…

TONY: Where's my mighty power?

JARED: … you're about this tall, you're not… I mean, I saw you do that thing with that dude's arm, that was impressive. I don't know what this is, but it is, I'm going to be honest…

TONY: Listen, listen, listen, listen.

JARED: It's not great.

TONY: Listen.

JARED: All right. I'm listening.

TONY: Yes. Now, now I'm starting to remember. Yes, the portal opened up in front of me, and I saw it as an opportunity to go through it because I smelled something delicious on the other end, blood. It was like a fresh, fresh mortal blood. I craved that, man.

JARED: That was you coming here?

TONY: Yes, it was.

JARED: Got it.

TONY: Did you see how cool is…

JARED: Now, you can't go back.

TONY: They need to go back. I have an army's run, but where's my power? He's like, hold on, let me, let me summon it. He sits up, he's standing up on his hind legs. The rabbit is puffing his chest, slicking his crooked ears back and going jagging and other…

JARED: So fucking cute. I give him a little belly scratch. I give him a little belly scratch. I can't help it.

TONY: T-fling, silence.
C; I can't help it. I'm sorry.

TONY: Starts sniffing his little nose, twitching his little butt. I'm small.

JARED: Yeah, very. Absolute, very small. Yes. So,

TONY: Fuck. You see he's like looking at it. He's tapping his foot. He's crossing his little bunny arms. You're just holding him in your hands like he's palmed out. He's tapping his foot. He's like, we need to find a way. I think I have enough energy to harness where this will take me somewhere where we can find what we need. For some reason, I know what we need, but I can't tell you what we need because something is, he's not letting me tell you. This is going to be difficult. Put me in. Hold me onto the portal.

JARED: Hold on, hold on.

TONY: Hold me up to the portal.

JARED: Should I?

TONY: Hold me up to the portal. We have to go. I can’t

JARED: I feel Like I have no option at this point since I saw him just take a dude's face off. So, I put him up to the portal as like…

TONY: Just so you know, the demon that you saw trying to break out of this portal looks very different than the bunny you're holding right now. It looks like whatever happened, that giant demon you did something ,that you don't quite remember is now in the shape of a bunny. And you're not quite sure why he took the place of a bunny, but from what you can remember, go ahead and give me arcana check real quick.

JARED: Oh, Jesus.

TONY: Oh, oh my God. All right, I'm going to roll for you. So you got a 17.

JARED: Oh, you know what? We'll go with it. We'll go with it. I resend my note. That was a good roll.

TONY: That’s a good roll.

JARED: That’s a great roll.

TONY: You roll the 17 on your arcana check. So, you don't exactly recall the events that went down, but you know that within your skillset you saw this terrible demon and needed to find a way to bind this demon so he stops trying to kill everybody in the room. And for one reason or another, you thought the form of a bunny. And that's what he became later you cast this spell. You don't recall what spell you used exactly. However, you realize in that moment that you feel like you're missing a large part of yourself. You're not sure what that is, but you feel like deep down that something's missing.

JARED: Other than my memory, obviously.

TONY: You feel like you couldn't cast this spell again if you tried your heart.

JARED: Yeah. Well, is it that my memory's off or something else is off or maybe a combination?

TONY: Something is off, but you definitely, as of right now, you don't remember anything other than what we experienced. Just a few moments ago, outside of that, you don't remember why you were here, and exactly what went wrong, and why this greater demon from what he's telling you is in the shape of a bunny. So, Amos, Amos, okay.

JARED: Yeah. What's up buddy?

TONY: I feel like I could take this. I could travel a short distance within this realm, through this portal, but the problem is I feel like I need to take you. I feel like, did you cast like a packed spell on me or something, man.

JARED: Me, dude, you were ripping people's face off. I was just sitting in the corner trying to…

TONY: I kind of do that, ripping people's face off, fresh blood. Alright, listen, you got to… I can’t…

JARED: Do you see this? This is normal to you. This ain't normal to me.

TONY: We're going on, bud. All right, so then he stands up and he puts his head towards the portal. And you both get instantly sucked in and the portal closes behind you.

JARED: I don't like that.

TONY: So, fast forward like a few days. You ended up outside of a town the town of Gilo. This is a very unfamiliar place that you've been because you're not even sure if you are on the same continent than before you went through the portal. But for some reason the portal dropped you out here. So you go into this town and you go into the first tavern you see and the tavern's name is the running goblin and you manage to get a room. The owner, Duncan is the owner, and he saw that you were ripped apart and he has a soft spot for people in need and he's just never seen a t-fling. He doesn't see many t-flings in his lifetime, so he's like, “Well… “

JARED: And rabbits, let's be honest.

TONY: So he didn't see the rabbit. He didn't, he didn't know you had a rabbit. He just showed somebody you need and he decided to give you a room, and he threw you a bone and you're in this tavern. That's where we’ll end your prologue. And now we're going to go over to Alec. Alec, how you feeling, bud?

ALEC: I'm feeling amazing, man. That was so far two great stories.

TONY: Thank you. Thank you.

TONY: I love it. I love this bunny. We venture into the Fri and north of North trellis where frost and snow are king and queens covering the lands far and wide and snowy mountain tops are covered with raging winds and brutal snowstorms. To the west of North Trellis stands a stoic, monumental volcano mountain. This mountain is so gorgeous, it's like straight out of a Bob Ross painting. When he does those canyons and mountain ranges in his paintings, that's how beautiful this mountain range looks. And among those mountain ranges is an active volcano.

ALEC: Birds always need friends, right? There has to be one in one.

TONY: Oh, absolutely, absolutely, absolutely. Just a little friend just for me and you. And your tribe. Off to the side of the volcano is a beaten, snowy path that can be found leading into a cave entrance of the mountain that's been carved away by men, or should I say Goliaths? Inside this hollowed out mountainside is a Goliath tribe known as the ash-bornes. The entrance of the mountain opens up to a basin that you can see almost like a small city built where houses and huts are mounted to the walls, flags and seidels are hung of your clan on all these houses and from the ceiling caves. The cave is well lit with porches and small steady streams of runoff lava from the active volcano next door. These little lava streams run around the town. It gives a good source of light and a sense of home. As the ash borne clan, you feel right at home here. And it's a little weird because as a nomad tribe, you would've left by now. But this place looks so cozy that it looks like this nomad tribe has been here for quite some time.
Salads of hammers and forgings echo through the mountains as Goliaths are hard at work, mining and forging away, making new weapons almost as well as a dwarf. On one of the lava rivers around the camp, a forge can be found with our hero inside talking to his favorite Aunt. Alec, can you please describe your character for us, please?

ALEC: Yeah, no problem. So, my character's name is Drell. He's an 18-year-old Goliath. He's eight foot tall, and probably roughly 265 pounds. His skin is a smoky gray, but yet, even though he's 18, for some reason, he has a full grown thick black beard. His eyes. Yeah, right. I wish I had one of those.
DAN: But are you big for your age or like small for your age? That's a question.
TONY: So eight foot… Goliaths are fully grown as far as height goes. Like he hit his growth spurt twice as a Goliath. When he was 10, he hit six foot and then his second growth rate, I wish I had one of those.

ALEC: I feel like 265 pounds too is a pretty decent weight, right? He's not like a thick boy, but he’s also…

TONY: That's pretty thick.

ALEC: … he's not like chicken leg magee, solid weight.

DAN: Oh, okay. Okay. Right in the middle.

TONY: So anyways, so his eyes shimmer with a gold yellow tank. He's covered head to toe in blue tribal markings like the color of a frozen glacier. The designs of the tattoos represent being a fighting warrior of the Ash-borne tribe. His clothes consist of a black shirt, pants, and leather boots. Chain mail covers his arms and torso. He also wears a long black cloak to hide it all. Drell believes in three things, honor, fairness, and above all, glory. His tribe prays to the God Bellona. It's the god of beasts and the hunt. His goal is to be the most battle tested glorious Goliath of his tribe.

TONY: So there we see Drell in all of his glory, sitting in a forge that's kind of like half inside, half outside type deal. And sitting at a table on the outside is Drell, sitting on like a stone seat talking to an elderly woman. This woman is his aunt who has raised Drell when he was a little boy from when his parents passed on. Her name is Dory.
Dory starts banging and starts banging away, making some final adjustments on an ax she's making. And she puts down a hammer and she tampers the blade and then sets it out to cool for a minute. And so she turns around and looks at you, and she goes, “Drell, Drell, my favorite nephew. How are you doing? How are you doing today?” She puts it, she reaches her hand up puts it on top of your bald head. She's like, “How are you doing today? Are you excited? Are you excited?”

ALEC: I'm ready. I've been preparing my whole life for this day.

TONY: Preparing your whole life. You're going to go out and you’re going to, you are going to make your parents proud. What kind, what type of monsters are you going to go for? What are you going to fight? What's your dream monster? Tell me about it.

ALEC: I'm going for anything and everything that will fight me. I want to dominate this entire continent.

TONY: I don't know if anything's going to fight you. You're just so big and scary. Look at these mass. She's patting you on the, she's patting you on the bicep, filling up your tricep. Look at this, my strong nephew, you'll make the Ash-bornes proud. And she's like, gets a little vascular as she screams because she's feeling her own pump, because Dory is in fact a barbarian. So, she rages very easily. But in her old days, she’s like, “Ah, I'm getting too old. I'm getting too old. I know Goliath should live this old. We should be, I should have died in a fight a long time ago, but the clan needs me. The clan that… Not, that's enough about me. Drell, Drell, Drell, Drell. South Trellis of all places, I can't believe you'd go. I thought you'd be fi… I thought you'd go north and fight the winds. Where, what's going on? Why South Trellis Drell?

ALEC: Because I've heard rumors of large beasts living in the south. Giants are one thing up here in the north.

TONY: You know what?

ALEC: But I'm ready to fight more.

TONY: Drell, you're absolutely right. Honey, she pinches your cheeks. She really grabs them. He hits you with one of those like, “Drell, listen, I'm going to be honest with you.” She pulls up a giant boulder to sit on like this woman just lifts up 200-pound boulder with ease sits in front and he sits down, looks up at you. She goes, “Drell, I got to be honest with you. I'm glad you're going to South Trellis, and I'm glad you came to that conclusion on your own. Because who hasn't killed a frost giant? Who hasn't killed a two-headed ice dragon blowing, dangerous for us? When's keeping this place a horrible from…

ALEC: I killed a giant for my 12th birthday, auntie.

TONY: I remember when you were just a boy and you took down your first saber tooth tiger just at nine years old with no help at all from your Aunt. You used to have like this one-handed axe that would fit into the palm of your hand as a two-handed. You were so cute. You were so cute. You were the cutest 5’9 9-year-old I've ever seen.
Listen, I'll be honest with you, the strongest monsters are up here, but they've all been killed. Look how, look on the walls. You look on the walls, there's like troll heads everywhere. There's saber tooth tiger pelts and bear pelts. And there's even like a giant dragon head being held by chains on the top of the cavern. Like, we've done this before. We're known for this stuff. We killed everything in the north. You know what? I'm glad you're going to south because you'll be able to bring back something that we've never seen. I wish I can go with you. It's just, I got to stay here to look after the clan. You know, I was one of the elders. I got to look after the clan. You there Drell, you there, Drell?

ALEC: What do you want me to say to that?

TONY: Talk, you're in, man. You're such a, you're such a, you're a latter few words. And I like that about you. Some of these glides, all chatty, chatty. You got to see us at the elder meetings. He's like, I just want to take on my ex and spray something before I lose my mind. But I'm just, you really can't anymore. You have a… Imagine seeing a 65-year-old lady like me fighting a dragon nowadays, you know how absurd that would Drell? Have you ever seen a 65-year-old lady fight a dragon? Do you think I could fight? Be honest with me, you think I could fight ice dragon?

ALEC: I think the last thing I saw you fight was maybe a little troll three years ago.

TONY: Because I'm stuck up here. I'm wasting so much potential. And we had to chop off one of its arms for you to fight it.

TONY: She's gripping an ax as she's yelling, she's getting old vascular again. Like her, like you get, like, you could drive a truck up her neck like, “Okay, it's okay. It's okay. It's my elderly duty to oversee the clan and make sure young, new aspiring nomads like yourself, get your chance in the world. You got to bring, you got to bring me back something special, right?”

ALEC: You will get your day to die in glory one day, auntie. But for now, let me try…

TONY: Not stuck in this mountain, and nobody want, we… For a nomad clan, we aren't being much nomads. You've been here for 100 years almost. It's boring in here. But that's what everyone decided. It's a nice cave. It's a nice cave, don't you think, Drell?

ALEC: I do love the cave. I've been living in it my whole life. So, I actually don't know how I will survive out in the world.

TONY: Listen, you see that ax right there, that, that beautiful tax who made you that ax?

ALEC: You did?

TONY: Are you damn dure sure has it ever let you down drill?


TONY: I’m sure. You want to know why?

ALEC: Why? Because I made good axis. She picks up her own two-hander. She smashes the seats that she's sitting on and the stone just cuts in half. And she's like, not today. Not today. Goose rob. Her veins subside back into her very ripped old lady chest

TONY: Drell's like not even caught off guard because he's so used to her like just doing it.

ALEC: Very normal.

TONY: She reaches, she goes into the forest like, “I got something for you. You're going to need this because you know how Lord Barron is. You know how Lord Barron is.” So she goes, he goes into goes into the house, comes out. She's like, “Look, listen, here's something I prepared. It's a letter for you, okay?” Should, when you go down to no man's land, by the way, little backstory between North Trellis and South Trellis is like a little land. It's like a land bridge considered no man's land for it hasn't been claimed by anybody because it is a divider and nobody should hold passage between the two continents. However, there is a divider between the northern part of South Trellis and the southern part of South Trellis. It's called the Lord Barron's divider. So, Dory, come back to Dory. She goes, “Listen, this, this letter's going to get you past Lord Baron's main gates. All right? This's going to take you to a town. It's going to, I think the first town over there is Gilo. Lord Barron is a family friend.” My great-great aunt knew him. So he, listen, you show this to the guard, you say you give this to Lord Barron, it's from, it's from Dory. Dory is the destroyer, right? He might know that name better than just Dory. You just call me Dory. Nobody had better, nobody better call me Dory. Oh, this is huge.

ALEC: You haven't tried to kill him before, have you?

TONY: Oh, we go back. So, as what you know, as a Goliath, Lord Barron is actually a Goliath too. He, from what you learned as a child from even before the red catastrophe that you've just heard stories of, you never witnessed it or anybody in your family line has never witnessed it. because it was never, it never happened in the North. Lord Barron or just Barron at the time was a messenger between the free folk and South Trellis. He always traveled with like new advancements of technology. He was always a man of like science and things like that and research rather than magic. But he also had a huge fascination with magic. But he was never a magical person. Like he wasn't able to cast spells or anything like that.
So, fast forward he gained some type of reputation with the kingdoms in the South Trias.
And now he has a fortress that acts accesses the divider between the north and the south. “Listen, you got to take this letter and you're going to go there because once you get past no man's land, you know that frigid bastard of a trip, right? You're going to, there's a little town there that actually gives passage from the free folk along the kingdom of Brimm. And it's going to get you past the Lord Baron's divider. And then you'll finally be in South Trellis, where once these great beasts that you're going on about roomed, okay?
The first town out of there, that carriage is going to take you right through Lord Baron's fortress. And it's going to take you to the town of Gilo. This letter is going to get you through that. They normally just don't let anyone through without a good reason. This reason is a good reason. He's going to do me a favor, because we go, our family's go way back. You make sure you give that a good read when you get a chance, okay Drell? She tucks a letter into your pouch.

ALEC: Drell like stands up and gives her like the predator handshake, and he's like, “I will make you proud auntie. And all the Ash-borne.”

TONY: As you speak, you see her like eyes lighting up and like harissa getting more vascular. She goes, “Oh, Drell, I know you will. I'm so proud of you. I can't wait. You are going to make your parents proud. You are going to make your parents proud. I swear. I swear.” They're looking down at you right now, they go, “That's my boy. That's my boy.”
So you get your things ready, you get your axe, you sling it over, you get your pack of stuff, you suit up and you're getting ready. And how your journey begins is that you leave this cavern, this warm, comfortable cavern, and you set out into the cold. You got some people waving you goodbye, your aunt's giving you that final farewell. She goes, “Don't forget to beat somebody in the face for glory.” And you leave the cave and you start making your way. You start heading South and eventually after like a day or two of traveling in the cold, which is nothing for you because you're a Goliath, you get to a small outpost that is at the top of no man's land, which is a land bridge connecting to South Trellis. And there's like a carriage system there where they take free folk through the territory of Brimm which is a kingdom in South Trellis, which is like the top part of South Trellis.

ALEC: So Brimm is like the other side of no man's land?

TONY: Yes.

ALEC: Right on the other side?

TONY: If you were to look at a map, so North Trellis is its own continent connected by a land bridge called No Man's Land. And then you have South Trellis. So, the top, the northern part of South Trellis is the kingdom of Brimm. So, it goes the kingdom of Brimm, and then at the bottom of the kingdom of Brimm is Lord Barron's divider, and then below Lord Baron's divider is the kingdom of Aramor, where the town of Gilo is. The town of Gilo is the closest you can get before crossing over to the kingdom of Brim. It's like the main town for like travelers and merchants and things like that. So, you get on this carriage and it's like, “All right, next carriage leaves in 15:00,” a little dwarf comes the outpost. Let's get the carriage ready. He's like pitter pattering, getting the giant dire frosts wolves ready to trek through the snow and go into the kingdom of Brimm, towards Lord Barron's fortress.

ALEC: Do I fit in this?

TONY: You barely fit. But this is my key. You’re like punch over…

ALEC: So I don’t have to outside?

TONY: No, you're sitting inside because Goliaths are pretty common here.

ALEC: Okay. Um, so like, it's like a Ty fit. You get into a carriage, it's a pretty large carriage. There's a bunch of dwarves mainly that's in there. You don't see any other Goliaths because Goliaths don't normally travel outside, outside of like, just you feel like these carriages were made with Goliaths in mind, but it's not ideal.
So, you get in his carriage and you start making your trip down to the town of Gilio, just past Lord Baron's divider. And that's everybody's prologue, Ladies and gentlemen.

DAN: Thank you for listening everybody. If you've been with us for a while, you probably know that this episode has been revamped a little bit. HDified re-dutch

TONY: HG [inaudible 00:55:08] THX logo. Found

DAN: The Rest Evil 2HD remake was the big deal. No, it was this right here.

TONY: Stereo Adobe Surround Sound

DAN: Now in 3D Way. How do we?

TONY: Smell vision?

DAN: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

TONY: We just wanted to say thank you to everybody that has been with us for a while. The community is something I never thought it would be. We have so many people talk in the Discord and getting excited for the episodes. It's just insane. I don't have many words to describe it, you know?
Yeah, we wanted to just revisit episode one because when we recorded the episode and started playing DND, the four of us were very new at podcasting and recording in general on top of playing Dungeon Dragons. So, there was a lot to manage and look after. So, where we are in our abilities to create podcasts and to make them sound as good as they do today and always getting better. We just wanted to give it that same feeling with episode one without really changing too much about it. And then for the long-time listeners, you may have noticed that we did change the little flashback with Menace and Merano because we didn't have a solid direction at episode one and we just wanted that flashback to reflect properly the relationship between Menace and Merano.

DAN: I'm very, very happy with how this episode came.

TONY: Who wanted to James gun it, you know what I'm saying? This episode wasn't bad. Don't get me wrong. I do like episode one. I just wanted it to feel immersive the way the later episodes do. Because we got into a rhythm, we got a formula down, and we understand what we're doing now. I got to, I'm not ashamed to say it and I'm proud to say it. We know what we're doing. And like Tony said, we just want to give the first episode at the very least, a bit of that magic.

ALEC: I didn't mean James Gun. I meant Snyder. Just Snyder reading

TONY: Snyder cut.

ALEC: Snyder cut. Yeah.

TONY: Snyder director's cut. But hey, if you all want to listen to this in its original version, the way it originally happened, go on over to our Patreon. We'll have the original video, the original audio up on Patreon so you can, if you're really interested in seeing the difference between the original and this, I think there is a big difference. You can tell me if I'm wrong, but go check it out there. That's patreon.com/dnd404, or 4 0 4 pod.com.

DAN: That's right. We have a website now. Didn't have that way when I first started…

TONY: [inaudible 00:57:38] the 32nd output, so you promised me you son a bitch

DAN: Hey, I didn't say it would be any length. Okay? I just promised you it would be there.

TONY: You said it was a good length. So I hate to stop you, but now...

DAN: Yeah. Give him a little bye.

TONY: Bye.

DAN: See you.

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