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Here's a list of some homebrew rules we use in the Bloodshard Bandit's Campaign (Campaign one).

1) Health potions/potions used as bonus action. - self explanatory

2) Weight - I don't account for encumbrance however situations need to be sensible. - Its assumed that all heroes have travel bags where they keep extra weapons, rations sleeping bag etc. The NON-essentials outside of unequipped weapons/armor. If Players are kidnapped or run away from there cart stored with equipment and dont come back its considered lost until found. Also character weight is usually a non issue unless drastic. Ex: Drell throwing minnis- okay. Minnis throwing Drell. - GTFO

3) Double the Dice on ATK Crits. - I know this is the ACTUAL rule however its always flopped between and it took us awhile to decide on a method as well. We tried both ways in our campaign and we decided we liked double dice more.

4) Altered Monster blocks - I alter almost all monster blocks in some way. Usually drop 10 hit points off monsters for recording reasons. The reason is because some low levels monsters are boring an over used in story telling and I wanted to use some of the better stuff off out the gate. Side note that even the players don't know until now. I rolled all monsters with disadvantage until about episode 6. I didn't want players to be discouraged especially since they were fighting bug bears at level 1.

5) Group DC checks. Rather than each player taking a shot at investigating something or perception check I set a DC and have the three of the heroes or 4 if there's an NPC. Add all the numbers and proceed. This also helps with story telling because I can help give information on how there characters would perceive information. Ex: Drell would size something up meanwhile Armos would asses the situations from a more intellectual standpoint.

6) Arcana Skill Checks - Arcana skill checks can detect magic on some level. Since there are only 3 players, 1 focusing on magic. The gang dosent have any real way to tackle problems or puzzles involving magic. The Arcana skill check is a weaker version of "Detect Magic". This helps move gameplay along.

There will be more added to the list I'm sure as we adventure!

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